The Universal Parables about Relationships

It is very common and indefinable aspect of life that relationships are subject to continuous debates, be it within the family or outside. Relationships are very uncertain and confused; in fact they are very much prejudiced. It depends upon the individual how they see human relationships, whether they are deep, meaningful or happy, etc. it is not necessary that one’s successful relationship will have the same effect for another. In spite of this there are some common accepted ways of being in a relationship.

Couple Dating

Relationships can be of various types and not necessarily a romantic one. One can be in a romantic relation or a family one. There can be parental relationships or extramarital affairs. The list doesn’t end here but there are various relationships existing in the world. It is an added responsibility to be in a relationship. It is an obligation because the success of your relationship depends upon the collective result of behavioural patterns, attitudes and personal preferences of two or more than two people included in the relation. Relationships are also very fragile and shall be taken care of if entered into. It is based on trust, faith and honesty and once this thread breaks, it is very difficult to cultivate it again. There are also certain myths told about relationships. Let’s take a look at what those are.

Somewhere Someone is Made for You

It is a very popular saying that there is someone for everyone. This obvious myth has made the world wait for years to find their perfect partner. It is a mistake to have belief in this saying that every person will meet their soul mate or true love. The reason you get into the relationship is not because the person is the one made for you and sent from heaven as the perfect match and perfectly fits your requirements you have set in your mind.

You indulge into a relationship with him or her because you met that person at the right time and the right place. If you were in some other place on earth then you may get into the relationship with someone else perfecting to your requirements. Thus, it is possible that one individual may have more than one soul mate and he can be anyone and anywhere.

Dating an older woman is an altogether new and enriching experience. She has seen and lived a little more than you. But there is no rose without a thorn, so you might have to bear with certain social taboos. But it may seem to be all worth it. So, go out and discover a relationship that defies age barriers.